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Dear Friends,


Welcome to Alpine Coach NorCal. We are a chapter of the FMCA, dedicated to the advancement of motor home ownership for members located primarily in the Northern California region. The chapter was originally founded as a “brand specific” club in 2008 as a means for owners of Alpine Coaches, manufactured by Western Recreational Vehicles (WRV) in Yakima, WA to get together and share technical information pertaining to the Alpine Coach as well as provide a social outlet for people with like interests. When WRV became another victim of the economic downturn in 2008, we opened our doors to owners of other brands referred by current members. If you own an Alpine, you will find that membership in Alpine Coach NorCal can be of significant benefit since many of us have experienced most of the issues that you may be facing and can share tips and tricks that will hopefully save you time and money. If you do not own an Alpine, membership can also provide you with technical benefits since many motor homes share the same or similar systems and we are all happy to share our experiences.


Our goal is to provide all of our members with a rich and enjoyable experience by hosting multiple rallies per year.  In addition to the technical aspect, we wish to provide an enjoyable social experience to create enduring relationships. The motor home lifestyle is unique and provides a common bond from which those relationships can be created and maintained.


We are excited that you are considering membership in our chapter and sincerely welcome you! We are also confident that your membership will serve to enrich the diverse membership of this organization and your participation will add to the already fantastic experiences we all enjoy as members.



Jerry Fichera, President

Alpine Coach NorCal